About Film Freedonia & Comment Policy

My name is Roderick Heath, and I’ve founded Film Freedonia to carry on the legacy of Ferdy on Films, the film critiquing site I co-authored with Marilyn Ferdinand from 2005 to 2018. Collected here are my writings for that site and also new work, and from time to time I hope to feature writing from guest talents from the vast pool of underappreciated internet film writers.

I am a writer and live in New South Wales, Australia. My desire in film criticism has always been to celebrate the cinema in its diversity, to explore the pleasures and mystique of good movies, and to tackle the cultural resonance of film as both an art form and a vehicle of entertainment. I love to look for signs of creativity and commitment in even the most demeaned genres, and also dig as deeply as I can into the meaning and method behind cinema’s most important works.

Site Comment Policy:

Comments are welcome, but any comments containing derogatory language not relevant to a movie being discussed and/or personal insults towards any other commenter or the site author will be unstintingly deleted.